A beautiful liberty building located in the central via San Sebastiano in Palazzolo Acreide. It was closed for half a century and now it has been returned to its original splendor: 140 square meters of exhibition space spread over two levels flanked by both a project room in the basement and a cellar / dammuso.

White walls and ocher stones. In this way, the brand new San Sebastiano Contemporary headquarters is presented to guests.

Founder of this space the artist Davide Bramate (Syracuse, 1970) with exhibitions in every part of the world behind him but also an extraordinary motivator “Because San Sebastiano Contemporary is not just a gallery for art exhibition. I think of it as a space open for exhibitions of extraordinary artists who are also friends of mine and then to contaminations from sectors that have to do with other forms of creativity, with taste and lifestyle, the more than just environmental issues and everything that has to do with the emergence of requests from youth culture “

Aldo Premoli, (Milan, 1954) journalist, writer and expert in contemporary art with eclectic exhibitions created in every part of the planet, lined up alongside him. Bramante has entrusted him with the function of Senior curator.